For this mod, you will need to get your hands on a set of these rubber isolators. I got mine from a Jeep YJ.
Place the isolator in a vice and cut it in half along the seam using a hacksaw.
This is what it should look like after being cut down.
The black torx bolt is what comes factory on a Jeep YJ and as you can see, the thread pattern is different (coarse). Be sure to take in a bolt off your Jeep TJ when shopping for a longer one.
Stack your existing isolator on top of the one you cut down and screw it on.
Looks just like it came that way from the factory.
This mod will not solve the problem of excessive weight your larger tire creates but it will prevent any jiggling that can eventually break your Jeep's tire carrier.
How to Safely Carry a Larger Spare on a
Jeep TJ Tailgate Spare Tire Carrier

(Rubber Isolator Extension Write-Up)
Okay, so you just got a set of bigger tires and new wheels with less backspacing to match. You go to mount your spare tire back on the tailgate carrier and what do you see? The tire no longer touches any of the rubber isolators. Well that no big deal right? Wrong! It may not be such a big deal if your Jeep is a pavement princess but if you just threw on a set of bigger meats, I'm gonna guess you take your rig out on the trails. Without your new and bigger spare making contact with the rubber isolators on the tailgate, the entire thing will jiggle hard with every bump you encounter. Eventually, this will cause metal fatigue in the tire carrier and it will break.... believe me, I have seen it happen.

Truth be know, what you should be doing is buying a nice bumper tire carrier like the kind LoD makes to get the weight off your Jeep's tailgate and onto the frame. But, if you're on a budget like me, another more economical and temporary solution must be found. My solution? Re-establish contact between the spare tire and rubber isolators by extending them.

Does it work? It has for me and my 32x11.50 BFG's for almost 2 years now. It may not be a perfect solution but the results look stock and it sure is affordable.

What You Will Need
• Set of tailgate spare tire rubber isolators from a TJ or YJ
• 6mm x 40mm Replacment Screws
• Hacksaw
• Bench Vice
• Torx Bits (a screwdriver insert works best)
• Screw Driver

1. Before you can do anything, you will need to track down a used set of tailgate spare tire carrier rubber isolators. I suppose you could buy them new from the dealer but I would be willing to bet they ain't cheap. I bought mine used for only $5 and they came off of a YJ.

2. You will need to find replacment screws measuring about 1.5" long. I'm pretty sure that they are 6mm fine thread screws but take a factory one with you to the hardware store just to make sure. I was able to find a phillips head one at Lowe's Hardware in the specialty hardware drawer section.

3. Once you got all your pieces together, clamp down a rubber isolator in a bench vice and cut it in half along the seam using a hacksaw as shown in the pic to the left. To get a clean cut, I found that it helps to make a light cut all the way around the entire isolator first and then hacking straight through it. Repeat process on all the rest.

4. Remove your spare tire from the carrier and then remove the OEM rubber isolators on your tailgate.

5. Remove and replace the screw with a new and longer one and then, stack your OEM isolator on top of one of the ones you just cut down.

6. Screw the whole thing together onto your tailgate and repeat process.

7. Re-attach your spare tire onto your carrier. You should now have a tight fit again and much less jiggling.

That's it!! Please let me know if you have any questions and when you're ready to throw on some bigger tires or install a better solution, be sure to check out the LoD Bumper Tire Carrier.

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