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Listed below are a myriad of links I have found and used in the process of building up and maintaining my Jeeps. I'm sure you will find them useful as well.

TJ Links - Fantastic Info on TJ's
If there is any one website I would recommend (other than my own of course) you visiting for great TJ information, it would be Stu's. This guy does some of the best write-ups around and he really knows his stuff. In other words, I visit here often :-)
This is a great Jeeps link database that kizer has put together for the benefit of all Jeepers. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

TSB Information - NV3550 Issues
If you have a TJ with an NV3550 tranny and have been having problems with it, be sure to check out this website for TSB information.
CJ Links
is one of the best CJ websites I've seen with some of the best write-ups too. Tons of great and useful information can be found here. If you are a CJ owner, you'll want to bookmark this website!

Jeep Tech Page
Want to know more about you CJ? This website has great information about all the nitty-gritty parts and thing on your Jeep.

Engine & Smog Index for a 258
For those of you who live in states that have strick smog laws like we have here in California, this website is for you. Great diagrams and all kinds of good info can be found here to help you re-build your engines smog equipment.

Busted Jeep Tech Info
This is basically a website I have found with links to other websites that are very useful.

Carter BBD Fixes
If you're like me, saving up for fuel injection, then you most likely have a piece of crap Carter too. To hold you over, here is a website that will help you make the most of this dissaster of engineering.

TFI Upgrade
Want more out of your 258? Then its time to upgrade your ignition! I did and used the information on this website to help me do it.

Parts Mike - This guy has answers
Just when I thought there was no hope in getting my CJ to pass smog here in California, Parts Mike came to the rescue. He has a great selection of used smog equipment and most of it is still new in the box!

Sierra Jeep
This is a very useful website that I visit on a regular basis. Here you will find great write-ups and other useful information regarding CJ's.

Borgeson Steering Shafts
I've had my eye on one of these for a while now. As soon as I can justify it or afford one, it'll be on my CJ.

Guage Diagnostics
When I was having problems with my dash lights and blowing fueses, this website helped me to get the buggers fixed.

Nutter Bypass
Will your Carter BBD hold an idle? How about in cold weather or after you come to a hard stop? Well, if you haven't done it already, Nutter Bypass that POS computer! This website will help you to do it.
Other Useful Jeep Links

All Data TSB Information
Because every vehicle will have some kind of problem, be sure to check out this website and see if your make and model has a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued for it. I have used this website at least a dozen times to get everything from a faulty fuel guage replaced to a leaky roof fixed. Your vehicle will however need to be under warranty to qualify for free repairs but you can still find out what parts you need to do the work yourself if you're over.

NTHSA - Recall &TSB Information

This is another website that pretty much does what the one above does. - Jeep JK Wrangler Website

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