Before Pic
Valve Covers
Valve cover off Pic
Drill and Tap Here
Closeup after installation
4WD Hardware Aluminum Valve Cover
for an 258 Engine

One mans trash is another mans treasure. I am always amazed what can be found on the internet and in this case, I found me a perfectly good 4WD aluminum valve cover for only $30!! Considering that my factory plastic cover leaked like a sieve, I bought this thing right away. In order to install it, I had to order a replacment hardware kit from which cost $12.95 and came with a new cork gasket and everything needed to install it... or so I thought. Once I removed the factory valve cover, I found that the holes on the cylinder head were threaded for a 1/4"-20 thread and the bolts I got with the kit were 5/16"-18. Also, the two holes on the driver side which everyone said I would need to drill and tap were already threaded. Needless to say, I didn't have to do any drilling or tapping and this install was a piece of cake to do. Off with the old and on with the new.

Where to Get One


Below are a few website I used to help me out: - Jeep JK Wrangler Website
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