Stock ignition and distributor
Distributor with everything removed.
Installation of new Distributor Base.

Everything put back together.
New Ignition Coil mounted to passenger side fender.
Jeep CJ 258 TFI Ignition Upgrade

Why upgrade your ignition? Well, if your CJ runs anything like mine used to (rough idle, hesitation when given gas, etc.) then you'll definetly want to do this simple and cost effective upgrade. Since my upgrade, I have noticed a considerable improvment in pep and in the way my engine performs... even with a Carter BBD! Below is a detailed write-up as to what you will need and what you will need to do.

What You Will Need

NOTE: All the parts you will need to get are for a 1982 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck with a 300CID I-6 engine. Next to each items, I have indicated the make and model of what I bought.

Distributor Cap - Wells F952
Rotor - Wells F953
Base Adapter - F960
Spark Plug Wires - Borg Warner CH857 (V8 wires)
Ignition Coil - Borg Warner E92
• (2) Different Colored 12-14ga Wire
• Male and Female Wire Terminators


1. Take note where the number (1) is located on the distributor cap and then remove the existing plug wires, distributor cap, base, rotor and spark plugs.

2. Unscrew the two screws holding down the base.

Remove the existing ignition coil.

4. Install your new distributor base and screw it on. This should line up and fit exactly with the existing holes.

5. Install your new rotor, distributor cap and then new spark plugs (.045" gap)

6. Apply some Dielectric Spark Plug Boot Protector to your plug connections and install. Be sure to be mindful of the proper firing order which is 1-5-3-6-2-4 and starting with the connection (1) on the distributor cap.

7. I installed my new ignition coil on the passenger side fender using a bracket that I fabbed out of some left over junk I had in the garage. The ignition coil has a couple of holes in it that I used but would guess that you could probably just use them to bolt it to the fender too.

8. Using a black and a green 12ga wire, I terminated each of them using female connections on one end (to be hooked up to the ignition coil) and male connections on the other (to be hooked up to the wiring harness). Now just hook up these wires where they belong.

9. Set your timing and you should be done.
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