This is everything you get.

This is a shot of what things looked like before.
Here you can see how the mud flap mounting bar is sagging downward a bit.
Mark off where you plan to bend your mounting bracket.
Hacksaw excess mounting hanger and bolt on the mud flaps.
Attached mud flap.
What it looks like when done.
Rear view.
Off-Road Innovations
Quick Release Jeep Mud Flaps

Well, as luck would have it, I got pulled over the other day and was given a "fix-it" ticket for not having any mud flaps. Can you believe it... mud flaps?! Anyway, appalled at the thought of ruining the look of my CJ with permanent flaps, I started looking around for a way to install something that could be easily removed. That's when I came across Off-road Innovations. These guys make what they call a Trail Flap which can be quickly disconnected by a simple pull of a pin.

What You Will Need

• 10x14 Mud Flap Kit
• Hand Drill
• 9/32" and 1/4" Cobalt or Titanium Drill Bit
• Hacksaw
• File
• Standard Socket Set & Ratchet
• Bench Vice
• Center Punch


NOTE: Installing these mud flaps is not an exact science. Depending on what kind of Jeep you have, tire size and/or if you have a body lift like I do, the mounting location of the hanger bracket will vary from Jeep to Jeep.

1. Clean your frame rails where you plan on installing your mud flaps.

2. Hold the rubber mud flap, hanger and mounting bracket up against the frame rail like it would look once installed. Make sure there's enough room between your tire and flap and then mark two of the holes with a Sharpie or Pencil.

3. Center punch the marks on your frame rail and then drill a 9/32" hole. Make sure there are no fuel lines or electrical wires in the way.

4. Mount the bracket to your frame rail using the 5/16" self tappered bolts supplied.

5. Because of the slight difference in tube sizes, your hanger will most likely sag a bit. Draw a line on your bracket parallel to the top of your frame rail and then remove it.

6. Place the bracket in a bench vice up to the line you drew and then bend it back using a small pry bar or long screw driver (DO NOT USE the aluminum square tube for this job as you will damage it). It's okay to bend it more than your need as it will be easy to bend it back down.

7. Re-install the bracket onto your frame rail and then make subtle downward adjustments to the bracket with your prying bar until your hanger is level when attached.

8. Hold your mud flap up to the hanger where it will be attached and then center it to your tire tread. Now mark the hanger on the outter edge where the flap ends, remove it from the mounting bracket and then cut off the excess aluminum square tube with a hacksaw.

9. Lay the flap template on the hanger, mark off the points and then drill 1/4" holes all the way through both sides of the square tube.

10. Install the mud flap with the supplied bolts, washers and nylock nuts.

12. Attach the hanger and flap back into the mounting bracket and then attach the quick release pin.

13. Repeat steps on the other side of your Jeep.

That should be it. I really hate the look of mud flaps, but if I've gotta have em, these don't look too bad. Plus, I can always detach them with little effort. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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