Here's a pic of all the parts I collected to install my budget doorless mirrors
Remove your doors using a 13mm socket
To prevent your dome light from staying on, open your glove box and remove Fuse #4
Place the mounting arm in a bench vice and bend it a bit to give it an angel when installed
Assemble your mounting arm to the mirror using the hardware supplied
Mount the mirror to your upper door hinge as shown here. I placed nylon washers inbetween the hardware and hinge to protect the hinge from damage
Adjust your mirror to the correct angel
Budget Homemade Jeep Doorless Mirror Mounts

If you haven't figured it out by now, Jeeps were made to be driven topless and doorless. Going topless is easy enough to do but unfortunatly, going doorless will also leave you mirrorless. This would otherwise be no big deal except for the fact that most states will require you to have at least a driver side external mirror.

Now, while there are a myriad of brackets and external mirrors available to fix this problem, most of them cost in the neighborhood of $30-$80. Needless to say, I wanted something cheaper, functional and easy to install. After a quick trip to my local PepBoys, I found everything I needed and all for about $14!!

What You Will Need

• 4-1/2"x6" Fit System Blind Spot Mirror - CL062E
• 1 - 3/8" x 2" Bolt (per side)
• 1 - 3/8" Nut
• 1 - 3/8" Washer
• 2 - Nylon Washers
• 13mm Socket
• 12mm Wrench
• 9/16" Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• Bench Vice

1. If you don't already have them off, remove your Jeep's doors by unbolting the 2 - 13mm nuts securing them to your tub. Slip off the door restrictor straps and then lift the doors off the hinges.

2. Open up your glove box and pull out Fuse #4 from the fuse box to turn off your dome light. Store your fuse somewhere you will remember and then close up your glove box.

3. Time to assemble your new mirror (I bought a Fit System Wide Angle 4-1/2"x6" Blind Spot Clamp-On Mirror by K-Source from my local PepBoys). Open up your package and remove the mounting arm. The tube arm should be flattened on either with a hole drilled into it. Take one end, place it in a bench vice and carefully bend it back a bit to give it a taller stance once mounted.

4. Assemble your mirror to the mounting arm using the hardware supplied. Make sure that you mount the mirror to the opposite end that you previously bent up.

5. Take your new 3/8" bolt, slide it through the mirror mounting arm, slide on a nylon washer, insert the whole thing into the upper hinge on your Jeep's tub, slide on another nylon washer from below, slide on a regular 3/8" washer and then fasten everything to the hinge using a 3/8" nut. You will need a 9/16" Socket and Wrench to do this.

6. Climb into your Jeep and adjust your mirror as necessary.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 on the passenger side if you choose to install a mirror there too.

That's it, your done! This project should cost no more than $14 in materials and minutes of your time. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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