These are all the parts you will need to buy. Most hardware stores carry them in the specialty section.
This is a diagram of how the spacers should be assembled.
Homemade Jeep TJ 3rd Brakelight
Relocation Spacers

Now that you've got your new 31x10.50, 32x11.50 or even better ,33x12.50 somehow mounted on your Jeep TJ stock tire carrier, what do you do about your 3rd Brakelight? Well, in states that don't require one, I suppose you can just yank it, but for the rest of us this will need to be raised so that the tire will fit and the guy behind you can see it. There are a few companies out there that sell relocation brackets but they cost upward of $79 on up!! That to me was just ridiculous, so here's what I did for a budget of about $5 and change.

What You Need
4 - 5/16" Bolt (1/2" Head) x 2" Longer Bolts
4 - 1" Nylon Spacers with 5/16" Center Hole
16 - 5/16" Washers
1/2" Socket

1. Remove your spare tire from the tail gate mount.

2. Using a 1/2" socket, remove the 4 bolts securing your Jeep TJ 3rd brake light to the tire carrier.

3. Now, place 1 washer onto each of the 4 new bolts you picked up from the hardware store. Then, slip the bolt and washer through the top mounting surface of the 3rd brake light.

4. One by one, slip a washer, nylon spacer and then another washer on to the bottom of each of the bolts and thread them into the tire carrier by hand. See diagram to the left.

5. Now, fasten all the bolts using your wrench and when all is said and done, you should have something that looks just like the photo above.

6. Re-install your spare and you're done.

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