Two-Piece Clamp-On Steel Shaft Collar, Part #6436K48.
As you can see in this pic, my swaybar shifted over toward the driverside causing my link to come into contact with the frame rail.
Remove the 4 bolts (2 on each side) holding down the plastic cover to reveal your swaybar.
This is a pic of the passenger side swaybar mount. As you can see, the shiney spot shows how much the swaybar has shifted.
After you center your swaybar, install your shaft collars just on the inside of your swaybar mounts.
The arrows point out where you need to install your shaft collars.
Jeep Swaybar Shifting Over Fix

While rotating my tires and doing a routine check of things, I noticed that my swaybar had completely shifted over towards the driver side of my Jeep and was now causing my swaybar link to rub up againt the frame rail. Well, I was able to re-center my swaybar by grabbing and then yanking it over but within a day, it had completely shifted back over. Needless to say, a more perminant solution was in order.

After doing some research, I found that this is in fact a common problem with many TJ owners and the best solution would be to upgrade the swaybar with a Currie Anit-Rock system. This sounded great to me all the way until I found that it costs about $300. I still would love to have one of these setups but until I can afford it, I decided to find a cheaper solution and this is it.... shaft collars.

What You Will Need
• Two-Piece Clamp-On Collar Steel
1-3/16" Bore, 2-1/16" OD, 1/2" Width
• 3/8" Socket
• Ratchet
• 3/16" Allen Wrench

1. Go to McMASTER-CARR and order (2) shaft collars as specified above. They should only cost $6.15 a piece.

2. Begin by removing your plastic swaybar cover. There are only two bolts on either side attaching it to your frame.

3. Grab your swaybar from the passenger side of your Jeep firmly and yank it towards you until it is centered again. Make sure your swaybar links have enough room between the frame rails. If you cannot yank your swaybar over, just loosen the mounts a bit first.

4. Un-assemble your two-piece steel shaft collars and then install them onto your swaybar just on the inside of your swaybar mounts as shown in the pic to the right.

5. Re-install your plastic cover and you should be done.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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